Province: Western Cape
City/Town: Paarl
Name: Antoinette
Surname: Rossouw
Short description of yourself: Industrial / Organisational Psychologist.
HPCSA registration : PS 0106658
Specializes in…:

Volkome tweetalige (Engels en Afrikaans) kommunikasie met kliënte.
Career planning based on life story (narrative approach)
Career transition- management
Career Anchors trained facilitator.
EFT practitioner
Trauma counsellor
Functional Therapist
Life Coach
Employee Assistance Practitioner
Group dynamics facilitator
Psychometric assessment-administrator
Accredited Bar-On EQi and MSCEIT (Emotional Intelligence assessment) administrator and interpreter
Accredited PPA administrator (Thomas Personal Profile Analysis -work behaviour assessment)
Experienced Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS 111) administrator

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