Mrs Adri

Mrs Adri
Province: Kwazulu Natal
City/Town: Durban
Name: Mrs Adri
Surname: Sutherland
Short description of yourself: I have a Bachelors Degree in Theology with Psychology and Masters Degree in Theology specialising Pastoral Care and Counselling. Additional Courses are: Victim Empowerment (Trauma) Certificate, HIV and AIDS Management. I am registered with the South African Association for Pastoral Work as Pastoral Counsellor Specialist Therapist. I have been working as Pastoral Counsellor since 2005, serving the local community but also clients from other areas. I am also registered with the HWSETA as Assessor for Theology and Ministry.
Specializes in…:

Counselling: Grief and Bereavement
Trauma and Crisis
Issues of abuse
Marital and Relationships
Christian Counselling
Parenting and Parenting of children with disabilities
Training courses and workshops:  Spiritual Days of Reflection, Counselling issues such as Grief and Bereavement, Self-esteem, and Parenting Skills workshops.

Business Phone Number: 0844 659563

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