Assessment Training

Feel like you’re left in the dark regarding your clients?

Their story has been told, however, you sense there may be deeper, fundamental issues – you just can’t pin-point it exactly. 

To get to to the root cause of a problem you need more than just a battery of questions. Often clients themselves are not even aware of the existence of such a root cause and had they known, would, in all probability, not have come to see you in the first place.

What to do now? Come learn how to assess your client’s emotional functioning, perception of self, relationship dynamics, coping mechanisms and stress levels. 

We introduce: Assessment Training

  • Make informed decisions, based on dependable data,Root of the problem
  • Utilize scientific assessment scales,
  • Remove the guessing from your counselling/therapy sessions, 
  • Learn evaluation techniques that ensure more effective aid, 
  • Understand the hidden, inner functioning of your client, 
  • Understand your clients thinking patterns, 
  • Establish your client’s view of self.

Who is this training aimed at?

  • At passionate social workers, pastoral counsellors, therapists and ministers, keen to help ailing others, 
  • At anyone that wishes to measure any improvements in their client,
  • At counselors that wish to use proven assessment scales. 

What others have said about this training

“A new world has opened up to me! It is unbelievable how much time was wasted in the past. I have gained so much more confidence in myself, and my congregation has found the  assessment scales as  credible and professional!” 

Minister of Religion from Gauteng

“These assessments have created new (therapy) opportunities in my practice and have extended the scope of my work. This training not only helped in fostering greater self-confidence towards clients, but has benefited my practice financially as well.” 

Social Worker in North West

Samples of our course material

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What is unique about this training?

  • You will be established in a valuable practice skill based on a unique psycho-theological-social anthropology. 
  • You will join a growing  group of practitioners that will be taught in the use and interpretation of the assessment  scale(s) technique(s), and form part of a new, dynamic, developing science (ecometrics). 
  • You will learn how to integrate  assessment  scale results into your therapy model.
  • Stop wasting time by doing away  with vague and subjective ideas regarding your client’s actual problems.
  • Soccial Workers earn 5 CPD merits per module.
  • NG Kerk (Dutch Reformed) ministers) earn 5 VBO merit points per module.

Workshop Dates 2018

  • Adult assessment scale (PMSI)
    • 12 February 2018
  • Child assessment scales (SPrim en SHigh)
    • 13 Februay 2018
  • Career planning assessment scale (OCPI)
    • 14 February 2018

You may enroll immediately and access our virtual classroom  at to read some of the theory.


  • Registration fee: R1 050
  • Adult assessment scale: R2 850
  • Child assessment scales: R2 850
  • Career planning assessment scale: R2 850

Note: Your registration fee payment is a once-off payment, and remains valid whether you enroll for one, two or all three of the modules. 


Should you have any queries, please contact  🙂 the 

Functional Therapy Team

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