Our goal is to have at least one Functional Therapist in every city in South Africa.

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How to become a functional therapist?

  1. you have to have certain work values and character traits.
  2. you need to complete the application form and pay the registration fee.
  1. the character traits and work values that are important as a Functional Therapist are:
    • a desire to become involved in the well-being of others,
    • being motivated and energized by helping people,
    • an ongoing inner-drive to become a better person,
    • be open-minded to learn new skills,
    • having an intense interest in human functioning,
    • be able to set tangible goals and be result oriented.
  2. application form and the assessment:
    • familiarized yourself with the prospectus,
    • complete the application form,
    • pay the R950 registration fee.

What are the opportunities for a functional therapist?

  1. Own private practice,
  2. Therapist at schools,
  3. Therapist at Churches,
  4. Relationship facilitator
  5. Career planning,
  6. Individual and group assessments,
  7. Functioning & productivity consultant to businesses,
  8. Trauma counselor at hospitals.

Qualifications needed and course information.

  • You need to have a matric certificate (or be older than 24) to qualify for Level 1,
  • Functional therapy is a 3-year diploma course,
  • Thereafter you do the postgraduate diploma (Level 4).
  • Should you already have a 3-year diploma (or more) in any of the following, you qualify to enter the postgraduate diploma (Level 4) immediately.
    • Educational (e.g. teacher)
    • Social sciences (e.g. social worker)
    • Human relations (e.g. human resource manager)
    • Ministry (e.g. pastor/minister/counsellor)
    • Psychologist or occupational therapist

The Greek word for therapist is therápõn, which means a servant, an attendant, a minister, and is closely related to the word manager.

  • Firstly, therapy then means to take care of the sick, to heal, to cure, to wait upon, and to minister to people in need.
  • Secondly, a therapist helps a person managing his/her life in such a way to function more productively and efficiently.


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