Basic Principles of Functional Therapy

Are you that person who always listen to others’ problems? As if you have a sign on your forehead that reads, Talk to me cause I listen and will try to help.

Would you like to be equipped with a structure, process, and therapeutic technique to really be able to help others effectively?

Most helpers and counselors do not  know where to start and what the end picture should be when they help people with their problems. They tackle the issue at hand and hope their advice, support and encouraging words will help the person feel better.

Not knowing where to start, what the counseling process entails, and what the end picture should look like, is like shooting in the dark and hoping you will hit the target. Sometimes your advice works and other times you feel discouraged as you see the person is still struggling.

Our Introduction to Functional Therapy covers the following:

  • Knowledge
  • Assessment Scales
  • Therapeutic techniques



Limited knowledge of the way a person functions under stress or trauma, can lead you (the helper) to wrong conclusions. The helper may label the person as pessimistic, slothful or without faith in God, while all the symptoms may be attributed to a normal reaction of the body to stress and trauma. This course highlights the way the body functions under normal-, stress- and trauma circumstances. This knowledge equips you (the helper) with the right advice, support, and conclusions.

Assessment Scales

assessments 3

Prof. Walter Hudson who is referred to as the father of Ecometrics in America, said that  if you can’t measure someone’s problem, then there is no problem and it cannot be treated! It is of utmost importance to be able to measure someone’s frustration-, stress- and trauma levels as well as his/her self-perception. Without this information therapeutic aid is just not accurate. Guessing falls away and the therapeutic process becomes measurable. You will be equipped with valid and reliable pen-and-paper assessment scales that are used internationally. You will have confidence in your advice, treatment and help offered.

A Therapeutic Technique


Having no therapeutic technique is like a plumber without his tools. He may be able to tell you what the problem is, but he’s not equipped to fix your problem. This course will teach you a technique that uses sentence stems to get to the root of the problem, instead of taking long conversational detours. This technique also helps the brain processed the unresolved issues as well as fulfilling one of our basic emotional needs.

 You will also gain knowledge on,

  • berading-300x128the basic principles of counselling and therapy from a Christian viewpoint,
  • a counselling model that shows you where and how to begin,
  • a structure for the first 4 sessions,
  • when to focus on healing and when on growth,
  • how the brain functions under high levels of frustration and stress,
  • characteristics of a good counselor or therapist,
  • how to use assessments for frustration, stress, and trauma levels.

Who will benefit from this training?

  • Helpers (at a church/school/institution) who are in need of a therapeutic model and structure,
  • Christian counselors and therapists.

What this training DOESN’T cover

  • It is not an in-depth training that covers all the facets of counselling and therapy,
  • It is not a marriage counselling course, although you’ll gain knowledge to help each individual effectively,
  • Although the newest therapeutic techniques are discussed, specialized techniques to deal with trauma are not included.

Comments of others who attended the course

“The course surpassed my expectations. The course material was of high quality and well explained. The atmosphere was warm and safe. I will recommend it for anyone who works with people. I left there not only with new knowledge, but also better understanding of my own and others’ functioning. Thank you for this valuable training!”

Honors student from Alberton

The course surpassed my expectations. I gained a lot of knowledge and even received therapy myself! The lights went on – so to say. The material was liberating for me personly and I am eager to do more research on the topic “your true and false self” that was explained on the course. If you are in counselling, this course is a MUST.” 

 Ds. from Mpumalanga

Our 🙂 guarantee to you!

If you feel you have wasted your time and haven’t learned anything at the end of the course, we’ll refund you 100% with a 🙂 !

 Extracts from the course material 

EFT Graphics Opleidingsmateriaal


  • Northern Cape (Kimberley): 09 March ’15
  • Gauteng (Alberton): 30 March ’15
  • Western Cape (Belville): 27 July ’15

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Registration on the Assessment Centre

Prof. Waltor Hudson, the developer of Ecometric assessment scales said; If you cannot measure your client’s problem, it does not exist. If you cannot measure a client’s problem, you cannot treat it.

The Assessment Centre gives you access to a variety of internationally recognized, reliable and valid assessment scales. This workshop will enable you to use the Self-perception Scale (SPS) on the Assessment Centre in order to assess clients.

The Self-perception Scale consists of three constructs and measures a person’s Inner insecurity, Guilt feelings, and Self worth.


Basic Option



Why the Bonus Option?

Because this workshop covers the basic principles of Functional Therapy, the two e-books included in the Bonus option elaborate on Trauma and Self-perception (only available in Afrikaans)!
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Bonus option




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