City/Town: Windhoek
Surname: Jankowitz
Specializes in…:

Play Therapy, fokus veral op ADD/ADHD
Biopolere en angsversteurings
Trauma en egskeiding met volwassenes sowel as kinders
Inner child work

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Business Phone Number: +26461 243297
City/Town: Swakopmund
Surname: Cornelissen
Short description of yourself: Having a MSc in Business Management and a few other qualifications and being in the Corporate and self-owned business environment for most of my life and facing the everyday challenges that comes with it, Functional Therapy has eased my life considerably. It is like a shortcut to privileged information that can have life changing effects.

I have a passion for “the place of work” and the relative environment, thus the business industry and how people function in their work environment. How to set teams together or make changes to materialise optimal functioning at work. This also includes how you make decisions on what you are going to become or do as work for the rest of your life giving me access to children that has to make decisions on their careers and futures. Career assessments are the best place to start your future for the future.
Business Phone Number: +264 64 – 404 146
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City/Town: Windhoek
Surname: Nel
Specializes in…:

Career Planning Assessments

Primary & High School Assessments

Adults Assessments

Corporate productivity & Personnel Assessments

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